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Thank you!

To everyone who joined in to make Cycle September 2019 our biggest and best yet!

We'll be auditing the leaderboards and drawing all the prizewinners this week, so look out for our results email on Friday 4 October.

Didn't take part? Register here, enjoy a ride and record it on your profile to see what Love to Ride is all about and join our next event, Winter Wheelers.

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Event status

Now complete!

Cycle September UK

  • 184 Organisations
  • 2,319 Participants
  • 151 New riders
  • 290,708 Miles
  • 37,537 Trips
  • 117,191 lbs CO2

Greater Cambridge all time stats

  • 385 Organisations
  • 9,642 People
  • 653 New riders
  • 2,776,199 Miles
  • 291,476 Rides
  • 950,647 lbs CO2


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