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Local Info

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Want to get clued up on cycling initiatives and events in Bristol? Keep scrolling or click on the links below to jump to each section.

Clean Air Zone 

Clean air is coming to Bristol this summer! Find out more about what this means for you. Plus, learn about what Bristol City Council is providing to help you switch from car to bike.

Bristol Family Cycling Centre

Take part in a cycling session in a traffic-free environment! They offer all kinds of sessions for both children and adults, and cater for a range of experience levels.


There is loads of free support to help get you riding for transportation! Find out more about getting individual support for commuting, becoming an Active Travel Champion, and resources for businesses.

Life Cycle UK

This Bristol-based charity offers an inclusive range of services, from free 1-1 cycle training to a cycle buddy scheme and group rides for all kinds of riders!

Clean Air Zone

Clean air is coming to Bristol this summer! The Clean Air Zone will improve air quality and help make sure that people in Bristol can benefit from a healthier environment. Click on the map below to see the zone in more detail. Keep scrolling to learn about the services available to help you to make the switch to cycling, or cycling more often.

A map of Bristol's Clean Air Zone

View the map in detail here

Cleaner air is coming and the more people on bikes, the better! Encourage your friends and co-workers to sign up to Love to Ride and try riding to work. Keep reading for information on the support available to you to help you get riding for transportation.


Bristol Family Cycling Centre

The Family Cycling Centre logo

The Bristol Family Cycling Centre in Hengrove is helping people learn to ride! You can do this in a traffic-free environment where they have all-abilities cycles for adults and children to try, such as trikes, hand-pedalled bikes, wheelchair-accessible cycles and more - check out their cycle types here

What’s on offer?

  • Cycle coaching and skills sessions for all ages and abilities
  • Bikeability training
  • Bike maintenance courses

Book a session here or keep scrolling for more info.

A person in a high-viz jacket helps a child on a bike

They’re open every day of the week offering a variety of sessions:

Learn to Ride - Adult or child, learn to ride a bicycle with a parent/carer and the support of cycle instructors. It’s never too late to learn!

Rusty Bikers - Ideal opportunity for adults (16 years +) getting back in the saddle to get support in a traffic-free environment and gain their confidence back!

Disability Cycling - This session is for all disabled riders of all ages to attend with their family, friends and carers. Riders will have access to specialist inclusive bikes, balance bikes and two-wheelers.

Rock Up and Ride - Open to all ages and riding abilities, you can ride with your family, friends or alone. Instructors will provide tips and support or simply join the session and enjoy riding a bike. Plus, you can try out trailers and cycle seats so families can ride together! A great chance to get advice on using these.

Family Cycling - Once you’ve learnt how to pedal, you can attend this session and get support from the instructors to develop your skills e.g. learning to start and stop and cycle in a straight line. 

Schools - Monday-Friday Bikeability offers three levels for Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 onwards. This session is designed to develop skills, confidence and even learn how to manage traffic conditions (for ages 11+). 

Take a look at the timetable to get booked into the session for you!

Two women on bikes are wearing helmets and facing each other with smiles on their faces

If you’re up for volunteering, you can assist with sessions, offer cycling advice and help get more people riding, check out this page for more information.

Travelwest logo


Travelwest offers loads of support to help you get riding for transportation. Keep reading to see what options are best for you or someone you know!

Need help to get to work?

Wheels to Work offers support to people in Bristol to help you commute by bike. Apply for:

  • Discounted Bikes
  • Free loan Bikes
  • Free bicycle maintenance workshops
  • Adult cycle training and accompanied rides
  • Journey and route planning
  • Bike servicing

Apply here! Any questions, contact

Commuting support for staff and businesses

Find out about even more Travelwest services available to help you get to work by bike here. There are a range of services available for individuals and businesses, from training and bike loans to travel plans and audits and free sustainable travel advice.

Are you keen to get your co-workers riding? 

Sign up to be an Active Travel Champion and get a free Emergency Cycle Repair Kit for your workplace. Being a Champion is easy, enjoyable and rewarding and can take as much or as little time as you want.

PLUS you can borrow an e-bike for your workplace for 3 months, completely free! 

Find out more about the perks of being an Active Travel Champion and what it involves here.


Life Cycle UK logo

Life Cycle UK are a Bristol-based charity whose mission is to help more people get cycling, to transform lives and the environment. In our age of climate emergency, rising inequality and public health crisis, they believe:

• More cycling is vital for better physical, mental and environmental health

• Cycling can be safe, affordable and practical for most short journeys

• With the right support, almost anyone can cycle

Now that’s something we can get on board with! 

Life Cycle offers a range of supportive services to help get people on their bikes and exploring Bristol:

A group of smiling riders on a cycling course at the side of a small road

Get Cycling! Courses

These 6- week group cycling courses are aimed at both beginners and returners, so whatever your skills and confidence levels, their instructors can work with you to reach your cycling goals. The 2-hour sessions are fun, sociable and relaxed, and take place once a week.

One-to-One Cycle Lessons

If you would prefer to learn 1-1, Life Cycle’s cycle instructors can meet you near your home and complete up to three one hour lessons with you for free.

Cycle Buddies

The Cycle Buddies volunteer scheme is for those wanting an extra supportive hand as they continue their cycling journey. You will be matched with a volunteer in your area who can help you explore local roads, route plan and build further towards your cycling goal.

Group Rides

Join the Group Rides to explore safe, cycle-friendly routes around Bristol in friendly and supportive company. Choose from either Life Cycle’s Supported Leisure Rides or Over 55’s Group Ride programme.

If you'd like any more information about cycling services and initiatives in Bristol, please get in touch with

Cycle September 2022 - UK

  • 92 Workplaces
  • 879 Riders
  • 43 New riders
  • 115,088 Miles
  • 10,608 Trips
  • 19,012 lb CO2

Bristol All time stats

  • 225 Workplaces
  • 3,553 People
  • 497 New riders
  • 3,774,588 Miles
  • 299,544 Rides
  • 470,696 lb CO2
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