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#ExploreByBike this July!

Riding is so much more fun when you explore new routes. Next time you’re out riding, why not turn off and head down a path you’ve never been down before?

There's plenty of helpful tips and suggestions for where to ride in Bristol on the info pages. 

Wherever you ride this month, we want to hear about it! Share your stories about how you’re keeping active.


Event status

Now complete!

2020 Bike Month UK

  • 83 Organisations
  • 307 Participants
  • 22 New riders
  • 39,410 Miles
  • 2,578 Trips
  • 1,062 lbs CO2

Bristol all time stats

  • 189 Organisations
  • 1,303 People
  • 202 New riders
  • 792,122 Miles
  • 68,716 Rides
  • 130,689 lbs CO2


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