The following leaderboards will be available during the National Bike Challenge. They've got example data in the images below (Actual results may vary :-)

Team Leaderboards

Your team competes against 9 other teams in your pool in a month-long exciting cycling show-down this May!

State vs State Leaderboards

States will compete against other states in size categories of similar size states to level the playing field. 

Location vs Location Leaderboard

Cities / counties / regions will compete against others of a similar population size.

Top Riders Leaderboards

Individual riders will compete against others in a number of individual leaderboards. If you've got a local site set-up you'll compete against other local riders as well as at the national level. Request a local site for you area here!

And in September...

... we'll have our national and global workplace bike challenge!  'Cycle September' will pit workplace vs workplace! 

Clubs/Groups Leaderboards!

And we have something special cooking to be released later this year...

We've had feedback that some clubs/groups are really wanting to unite all their members into one team and compete against others.

Your cycling club/group page will be available year round and you'll have internal leaderboards (like the 'Top Rider' leaderboards above with leaderboards for most miles, most trips, most commutes, etc, and you can filter these internal club leaderboards by month and by year and by May-September too :-) So you can see the top riders each month/year.

Watch this space!

Register into the National Bike Challenge now and start logging your rides, then when the Clubs/Groups feature is live you can join your club and all your past miles and rides will show up for past months! 

Please also get your club mates to sign-up now too!


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