Prize winners

Grand Prize winners:

Congratulations to Mick J from South Yorkshire who has won a £3000 Bespoke Bike from Ribble Cycles!

Congratulations to Lisa T from Oregon who has won a 7 day adventure tour from Haka Tours!

Week 4 winners:

  • Caitlin B from Ohio has won a women's Trek 7.2 Hybrid from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Patty F from Maryland and Hank H from San Francisco have won a $300 Bike Shipping Vouchers from
  • Brad W from Wisconsin has won a Epic California ride from Climate Ride
  • Amy H from Des Moines and Anan R from Oregon have won a Bontrager Ion 120/Flare light set from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Geoff H from Chicago and Howard J from Florida have won a Bontrager Velocis MIPS road helmet from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Peter S from Washington and Bill N from Portland have won a men's classic black jersey from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Maura C from Santa Cruz and Lynn S from North Carolina have won a women's classic black jersey from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Jonathan S from Maryland and Chris L from Arkansas have won a men's classic black t-shirt from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Michael R from Philly and Austin F from Santa Cruz have won an Ottolock bike lock from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Chelsea M and Kelly M from Santa Cruz have won a Smith Venture MIPS MTB helmet from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Phil G from Tennessee has won a Yakima Full-Swing Bike Rack from Rack Attack
  • The top group in the USA has won three Mellow Johnny's saddle bags (winner TBD)
  • Scott W from Worthing has won a Litelok
  • The following participants have won a Beryl laserlight
    • Matthew A from Stevenage
    • Gladys R from Santa Cruz
    • Howard D from North East Lincolnshire
    • Hayley S from Cambridgeshire 
    • Lorna P from Bury
  • The following participants have won a set of gloves from Loffi
    • Alex K from Southampton
    • Jo H from York
    • Matthew D
  • The following participants have won a Sportive jersey and shorts from Proviz:
    • Jack Z from Parramatta
    • Suzette J from Brisbane
    • Dave B from Liverpool 
    • Maggie H from Devon 
    • James C from St. Louis 
    • Kathryn S from Lawrence
  • The following participants have won a Switch gilet from Proviz:
    • Steve N from Brisbane
    • Dionne L from Gold Coast 
    • George M from Oxford 
    • Helen A from Brighton 
    • Dawn M from Oregon 
    • Philip H from Bainbridge Island

Street Team Kit winners

  • James W from Santa Cruz
  • Meesh R from Philly
  • Amy T from Santa Cruz
  • Liz R from Oregon
  • Nori L from Oregon
  • Lauren H from Philly
  • Jen M from Philly
  • George R from Santa Cruz
  • Steph S from Indiana
  • Erika M from Philly

Week 3 winners:

  • The following participants have won a Nightrider jacket from Proviz: 
    • Joe P from Lincoln
    • Pete W from Newcastle
    • Patrick C from Brisbane
    • Jane W from Watertown
    • Carol B from Leeds
    • Karen A from Brisbane
  • The following participants have won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz:
    • Ashley S from Santa Cruz
    • Joanna S from Birmingham
    • Rod W from Sunshine Coast
  • Judith R in Lancashire has won a Laserlight from Beryl lights
  • Karen L in York has won a set of gloves from Loffi
  • Peter H in Devon has won a £100 LBS voucher
  • Heather G in Lancashire has won a £100 voucher from Ethical Superstore
  • Jarnail C in Wokingham has won a £50 voucher from Velo-re
  • Nicole G in North East Lincolnshire has won a £50 voucher from Velo-re
  • Jodi G has won a £600 voucher for a local bike shop for logging a ride on Car Free Day 2019

Street Team Kit winners

  • Syd N from Santa Cruz
  • Steve S from Southampton
  • Kirk V from York
  • Steven H from York
  • Oliver T from London
  • Stephen W from Brisbane
  • Jason S from South Yorkshire
  • Greg H from Derby
  • Chris F from Santa Cruz
  • Finlay K from Cambridgeshire

Week 2 winners:

  • Adam P in Lincoln has won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz
  • Alex R in Southampton has won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz
  • Ty G in Parramatta has won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz
  • Liam A in Portland has won a Laserlight from Beryl
  • Jennifer M in Cambridge has won a set of gloves from Loffi
  • Noelle S in Bath has won a Litelok

Street Team Kit winners

  • Christine B in Cambridgeshire
  • Jo H in York
  • Darren W in Milton Keynes
  • Matthew W in York
  • Romain C in Leeds
  • Aaron H in South Yorkshire
  • Pete O in Cambridgeshire
  • Carisse G in Arcata
  • Tony G from Derby
  • Andy W from South Yorkshire

Week 1 winners:

Street Team Kit winners

  • Beatrice P in Cambridge 
  • Mat R in Derby 
  • Karen P in Lexington
  • Gavin T in Leeds
  • Meesh R in Philadelphia 
  • Jeff B in Philadelphia
  • Anton K in Doncaster
  • David F in York
  • Jason S in South Yorkshire

Check out all the Cycle September prizes here.

National Bike Challenge winners

All winners will be contacted directly by email and announced here on the site and social media. Good luck! 

Bike Month prize winners:

  • Electra step-over Townie 7D EQ bike: Jeff Bruchez
  • Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet: Jim Miller
  • Bontrager Flare R City Bike Light Set: Adam Bushey
  • Ottolock combination bike lock: Ka Toya Sumner
  • Mellow Johnny's saddle bag: Terrie Rosario
  • MonkeyLectric bike wheel light: Lisa Martinson

Sunski sunglasses winners

  • World Bicycle Day (3 June)
    Winner: Paul Hurd - congrats, you've won a pair of Sunski sunglasses for logging a ride on World Bicycle Day.
  • Name the Tour
    Winner: Guillermo Ledesma - you've won a pair of Sunski sunglasses for naming Tour de l'Amour.
  • Encourager, June 
    Winner: Brett Hoffman
  • Tour de l'Amour - team effort: ride 500+ miles over the weekend
    Winner: Melissa Peck

Tour de l'Amour jersey winners
Congratulation to the groups that made rode 2,150+ miles in July and won in the prize drawings! You have each won 2 cycling jerseys (1 male + 1 female) from Bell's Brewery

  • Bell's Brewery Logo Jersey 
    Winner group: US-Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER)-Club
  • Bell's Brewery Oberon Jersey
    Winner group: State of MN - MPCA
  • Bell's Brewery Two Hearted Jersey
    Winner group: Friends of Cycling in Elk Grove

Huge thanks to our amazing prize sponsors





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  • 227 Participants
  • 11 New riders
  • 42,859 Miles
  • 2,750 Trips
  • 1,949 lbs CO2

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  • 2,998 People
  • 606 New riders
  • 1,069,453 Miles
  • 142,993 Rides
  • 214,484 lbs CO2
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