New Orleans



Gif of a Penny-farthing bike where the wheel is spinning. The background is red with a yellow circle behind the bike. Text below reads 'Updating...'.

We’re getting warmed up for the next round of brilliant biking prizes. 

Want to make sure you are the first to know as soon as there are more prizes to be won? It’s easy.


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That way you’ll know when there is a challenge running, how to enter, and all the amazing prizes on offer!


Here are some of the great prizes we’ve had in the past.

Love to Ride gif including images of past prizes such as loffi gloves, a Proviz jacket and a Cannondale bike.

New Orleans All time stats

  • 298 Workplaces
  • 4,086 People
  • 867 New riders
  • 2,247,857 Miles
  • 217,935 Rides
  • 245,038 lb CO2
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