How to find a group to ride with?

Three different photos of people riding bikes. The first shows a line of of women wearing pink. The second shows two men riding bikes on a road. The third shows a group of four people posing next to a giant bike sculpture.

Riding with others can take your rides to a whole new level. As you roll along with like-minded bike lovers, you see more, learn more, and push yourself to achieve more by bike.

Let’s take a look at how you can find your perfect group to ride with.

Decide what kind of group you want to join

Are you looking for people who ride your local roads? Or do you want to venture further afield in search of off-road adventures? Do you want to enjoy leisurely rides or are you looking for something more physically challenging? Once you’ve decided what you want, you’ll find it easier to narrow your search and choose the right group for you.

Search for your local group

Aus Cycling has a fantastic interactive map that allows you to close in on local riding groups. It’s fun and easy to use and could help you find the club of your dreams. Try it out here.

Look at social media

Bike groups often use social media to shout about their upcoming rides and post their favourite ride images. 

On Instagram, search for hashtags like #GroupRide #BikeGroup and hashtags including your local area. On Facebook, use the Groups section to search for bike groups that match your criteria. Once you’ve found groups that look right for you, send them a message or rock up to their advertised rides if they’re open to all.

Two people riding along a dirt trail have stoped to look at a phone.

Ask when you see a group out riding

Bike riders are a friendly bunch. If you spot a group regularly riding past, stop them and ask for more information. If you don’t want to stop them while they’re riding, then look out for them at local coffee shops - a famous haunt for bike groups enjoying a snack stop.

Ask in your local bike shop

With their specialised knowledge, your local bike shop could help match you with a group. Or they could probably point you in the direction of someone who knows other local riders.

A bike mechanic is smiling at the camera and leaning on the frame of a road bike. In the background are bike parts.

Set up your own group

Know anyone else who regularly rides? Or do you see the same people on the bike path each day? They could be your future bike group members! Plan a simple ride to start out with to gauge the group’s level and go from there. Check out how to plan a social ride here.

Once established, you can register your group on local biking websites and set up a social page to attract new members. If you start it, the bike riders will come!

A group of riders pose next to their bikes along the seafront. The sky is blue.

Be brave

It can be nerve wracking to join a new group of people but biking groups are often super friendly and happy to welcome you in. Once you’ve made that first bit of contact, that’s the toughest job done! And if you find that the group isn’t the one for you, that’s fine too. As with anything, it can take a while to find your perfect fit.

A group of riders wearing helmets are gathered in front of a large sculpture of a gold hand. They are smiling, the sky is blue and there are trees in the background.

Happy group riding!

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