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Animated graphic image of a yellow bike travelling up and down very steep hills

Animated GIF saying 'fun loading' at the top. Underneath an illustration of a blue bike is gradually revealed in the style of an image loading slowly

Animated GIF saying 'I ride because...' at the top. Each slide shows different rider's reasons to ride. 1. Tina - Tahoe, USA: it gets me fit, fills my soul, and helps the environment; 2. Rob - Manchester, UK: it helps me move quickly and think slowly; 3. Liviy - Bristol, UK: it is the closest thing to flying! ; 4. Hubert - USA: it is great for my health, mentally and physically; 5. Kelli - USA: I feel completely free and at peace in a crazy world!

Animated GIF saying 'when in doubt, ride it out' on each slide. Each slide shows an image of happy riders.

A video clip of a child spinning around doing tricks on a BMX in a street. Text at the bottom says 'Ready to ride like a BOSS?' and shows the Love to Ride logo.

A red chopper arrives from the left and does a wheelie, then continues and leaves from the right of the frame. The Love to Ride logo is displayed at the top.

Australia All time stats

  • 3,067 Workplaces
  • 43,232 People
  • 11,139 New riders
  • 103,423,944 Km
  • 3,882,741 Rides
  • 1,933,048 kg CO2
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