What is Love to Ride Austin?

The Love to Ride Austin Challenge is a fun, free competition from May 1-31 to encourage you and your colleagues to experience first-hand the joys and benefits of riding a bike! There will be lots of fantastic prizes to tempt your team, which we'll announce as the Challenge approaches.

How it works

  • You and your colleagues compete against other organizations across the Austin metro.
  • The aim is to get as many of your work mates as possible to ride a bike in May.
  • You can ride anywhere, anytime in May to take part.
  • There are great prizes that you can win!

It’s all about participation – which workplaces can get the most people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more?

Workplaces compete against each other to see who can get the most staff to ride a bike during the Challenge.

It’s not about who can ride the furthest or the most often, but who can encourage the most people to give cycling a go.

Here’s an example league table:

Individuals are also welcome to take part and are eligible to win spot prizes as long as they live or work in the greater Austin area.

What are the benefits to your organization?

  • Free for all employees
  • A fun activity for your whole team
  • A friendly competition between staff teams and other local organizations
  • Generate community benefits (environmental, health, congestion, etc.)
  • Prize incentives including movie ticket vouchers, local restaurant vouchers, bike gear, and more.

How to take part

Follow these four steps:

  • Register on this website, it's free. Register here
  • Ride a bike anywhere, anytime for at least 10 minutes during the Challenge
  • Record your ride here and tell your friends and coworkers about the Challenge.
  • Reward yourself and your friends by winning prizes!

Team Sizes

Organizations will compete against those of a similar size for a fair chance of winning. There are six size categories: 500+ staff, 200-499 staff, 50-199 staff, 20-49 staff, 7-19 staff, 3-6 staff.

Your participation will count towards your organization's score.

Win Prizes

We will be giving away some great prizes - keep an eye out to find out what you can win here

Got more questions?

Review our Frequently Asked Questions


Challenge Results - Austin

  • 235 Participants
  • 9 New riders
  • 23,895 Miles
  • 2,905 Trips

Love to Ride Austin All time stats

  • 2 Organizations
  • 401 People
  • 30 New riders
  • 116,579 Miles
  • 12,913 Rides
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