Let’s get more people riding and smiling

Encourage people to sign-up for Ride it Out before April 30 and earn an exclusive t-shirt or hoodie!

Love to Ride t-shirt

If you get 3 people to sign-up and ride: we’ll send you an organic cotton Love to Ride t-shirt (200 to give away).

Love to Ride hoodie

Encourage 10 people to take part and ride: we’ll send you a limited edition Love to Ride Atlanta hoodie! (50 to give away).

How we count the number of people you've encouraged

When someone logs a bike ride for Ride it Out they're asked who encouraged them to ride and sign-up. They type in your name and select it from the dropdown.  

You can keep track of how many people you have encouraged on the Encourager Leaderboard here.

Learn more about encouragement tracking.  

Invite your friends / co-workers to join in and ride!

Hi friends,

Spring is springing and it's a great time to be outside enjoying some nice bike riding.

This March, I’m taking part in ‘Ride it Out’ - a fun spring cycling campaign. 

Ride anywhere, anytime this March and you could win a new bike or e-bike! Register on Love to Ride Atlanta and log your ride to go into the prize drawing. 

Check out all the prizes you can win!

This is on top of all the benefits that you can get by riding a bike like improving your health and happiness :-) 

In April, the challenge continues and you can win a fair-wear organic cotton t-shirt for encouraging 3 friends to ride. 

Learn more and join in here.

Happy riding,

Your name

We have images in our Resources section to help you invite friends, family and co-workers.

Thanks for your support to help make Atlanta more bike-friendly :-)

Ride It Out

March 1st - April 30th 2021

Ends in 17 days!

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Ride It Out

  • 62 Workplaces
  • 1,471 Participants
  • 87 New riders
  • 256,361 Miles
  • 14,949 Trips
  • 6,789 lbs CO2

Atlanta All time stats

  • 909 Workplaces
  • 14,074 People
  • 4,103 New riders
  • 8,028,455 Miles
  • 621,426 Rides
  • 802,773 lbs CO2
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