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Love to Ride has something for everyone. On this site you can record your rides, encourage others to jump in the saddle, complete a virtual ride, set goals and oh so much more...

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming months, as we're always coming up with fun and rewarding ways for you to spread the love.

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12 miles
logged a ride for 12 miles to/from work
9 miles
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100 Miles
created a new goal: cycle 100 miles in 6 weeks
20 miles
logged a ride for 20 miles for fun/fitness
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Reasons to cycle

  • I cycle because - joshua w.
  • I cycle because It gets me fit and plays a small part to reduce my carbon footprint. - Mark B.
  • I cycle because Its cheap, easy and fun :) - Karen W.
  • I cycle because it's quicker than taking the bus! - Kathryn R.
  • I cycle because I love it! - James D.
  • I cycle because I am trying to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle - Ian B.
  • I cycle because I was training to climb Mount Kenya, and now to maintain my level of fitness plus ... - Joy S.
  • I cycle because I can see over hedges and stop easily if I spot something interesting. - Philip J.
  • I cycle because It's fun to whizz along on two wheels - Gavin D.
  • I cycle because it helps my fitness & I get to see the wonderful Herefordshire countryside views. - Giles S.
  • I cycle because it is a great way to stay fit - Mike D.
  • I cycle because I want to get fit - Katy H.
  • I cycle because I have to beat Scott. - Kevin G.
  • I cycle because I want to get fit and enjoy getting out and about :) - Lynda G.
  • I cycle because Its free and easy just like me. - victor T.
  • I cycle because it's a great way of keeping fit and seeing the outdoors with my little boy - Alex M.
  • I cycle because It's quicker than the car and I enjoy it...apart from when it snows! - Leanne S.
  • I cycle because - LOUISE D.
  • I cycle because Fun/Free/Fresh Air.... also its not worth taking the car as I don't go far to work - Mathew V.
  • I cycle because It gives me freedom to get myself around while recovering from a foot injury, I al... - Clare B.