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Love to Ride has something for everyone. On this site you can record your rides, encourage others to jump in the saddle, complete a virtual ride, set goals and oh so much more...

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming months, as we're always coming up with fun and rewarding ways for you to spread the love.

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Reasons to cycle

  • I cycle because I'm a totally cool hipster - Adrian B.
  • I cycle because It keeps me fit and I get to enjoy beautiful scenery while I do it. - Tim V.
  • I cycle because I can. - Stuart M.
  • I cycle because it helps me feel awake, alert and alive. - Tony W.
  • I cycle because it's timeless. - Jessica W.
  • I cycle because it's the most enjoyable way to get to work. - Peter O.
  • I cycle because I get to ride along by the Torrens River which is so much more pleasant than stres... - Carol D.
  • I cycle because I can - Martyn B.
  • I cycle because - vincent c.
  • I cycle because i'm too lazy to walk and too tight to get the bus. - Shaun w.
  • I cycle because two wheels are always quicker than four. - Ian L.
  • I cycle because I can - Andrew H.
  • I cycle because it's faster than getting a bus or driving in town, and it's free! - Winnie P.
  • I cycle because it combines excercise with practicality. - Joe C.
  • I cycle because I enjoy it and it beets being stuck in traffic. It also keeps me fit and saves money - David B.
  • I cycle because Freedom to move, when ever, where ever, easy on environment, fittness without trying. - David L.
  • I cycle because I don't usually have access to car on work days, faster than walking and healthier - Liz A.
  • I cycle because I love the freedom, the speed, the challenge. I'd rather ride in the rain than ri... - Simon C.
  • I cycle because I love the freedom that exploring trails gives me - Helen T.
  • I cycle because it is fun, saves money and in fact time. And it is my main source of exercise. - Andrew P.