The London Cycle Challenge is coming...

Organisations from around London, their departments and staff are all invited to take part in the London Cycle Challenge. A fun and free competition to see who can get the most people riding a bike.

You can ride anywhere, anytime during the 3 week Challenge. People only need to ride for just 10 minutes to take part.

London Cycle Challenge is part of the National Cycle Challenge - so your organisation and department can compete against other offices, colleagues and friends around the country.

There are some fantastic prizes that you could win including a trip for two to New Zealand, new bikes, bike gear, holidays around the UK and more (see all prizes!).



London Cycle Challenge 2015

8 June 2015 to 28 June 2015

Starts in 51 days!

London Cycle Challenge 2015 Registrations

  • 62 Organisations
  • 266 People

All time stats

  • 105 Organisations
  • 2,175 People
  • 290 New riders
  • 265,398 Miles
  • 18,295 Rides