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Love to Ride has something for everyone. On this site you can record your rides, encourage others to jump in the saddle, complete a virtual ride, set goals and oh so much more...

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming months, as we're always coming up with fun and rewarding ways for you to spread the love.

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Recent Activity

2 miles
logged a ride for 2 miles to/from work
10 Chocolate bars
created a new goal: burn 10 chocolate bars in 6 weeks
3 miles
logged a ride for 3 miles to get somewhere
4 miles
logged a ride for 4 miles to/from work
5 miles
logged a ride for 5 miles for fun/fitness
7 miles
logged a ride for 7 miles to/from work


Reasons to cycle

  • I cycle because its a great way to start the day and its fun. - Adrian R.
  • I cycle because Getting my 15 year old son out during the half term, got wet through the puddles, fun - Amanda B.
  • I cycle because it is a great way to travel - Helen G.
  • I cycle because i love racing!! - hugh l.
  • I cycle because It gets me to work and gives except isle and fresh air and allows me to train for Xc - Robert R.
  • I cycle because environmentally friendly AND it keeps me fit - Mel L.
  • I cycle because I don't get stuck in traffic - Aldwyn J.
  • I cycle because I feel free. - James R.
  • I cycle because i really enjoy it and it helps me get fit as well - jake m.
  • I cycle because It gets me to work much more quickly than using public transport, it keeps me fit ... - Yvonne h.
  • I cycle because I LOVE MY BIKE! It's a 1955 Triumph... covered in flowers & it makes me smile :-) - izzy b.
  • I cycle because it makes me appreciate the great countryside - Richard S.
  • I cycle because - chloe a.
  • I cycle because I love my bike with it's rustic wicker basket, and it's cheap and practical to ge... - Allison R.
  • I cycle because it's a great way to start and finish a day at work! - Alan B.
  • I cycle because It keeps me fit whilst enjoying time with my friends - Paul J.
  • I cycle because it's fun and the most efficent way for local journeys. - Mark E.
  • I cycle because I enjoy it and it keeps me fit. - Adam H.
  • I cycle because I used to be fat and now i am less fat, i am seriously buff after losing two stone... - Peter M.
  • I cycle because It's the quickestway to school and it's fun - Harry B.

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