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Love to Ride is all about showing more people how easy and enjoyable cycling is.

If you love to ride, then let's spread the love! Show your support for cycling and together we can get more people cycling.

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This site provides you with a fun and easy way of showing your friends and family how enjoyable riding a bike can be.

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Love to Ride gives you:

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Reasons to cycle

  • I cycle because my 10 year old daughter belts along on her bike in a gloriously comic fashion. - Peter O.
  • I cycle because I need to improve my fitness. - Clive S.
  • I cycle because I want to get fit - Stewart N.
  • I cycle because the same journey always takes the same amount of time! And it makes me feel pretty... - Jude T.
  • I cycle because it's faster, fun,and helps me build regular exercise into my daily routine. - Andrew B.
  • I cycle because it wakes me up in the morning on the way to work :-) - Lee W.
  • I cycle because I've got a triathlon coming up and really need to re-learn what to do on a bike! - Keith O.
  • I cycle because It gets me fit and I enjoy being out in the fresh air. I also cycle with my husband. - Caroline P.
  • I cycle because I believe that we should not wait for somebody else to help save the environment 1st. - Danfox D.
  • I cycle because http://app.strava.com/athletes/572745 - Matthew C.
  • I cycle because my manager told me to! - Jonathan M.
  • I cycle because it just makes sense to me. It's more than a sport, it's a lifestyle. - Claudia V.
  • I cycle because I get pavement rage when I go walking! :S - Harvey T.
  • I cycle because I enjoy it and beats getting stuck in traffic!! - Mike E.
  • I cycle because - Jolene S.
  • I cycle because I enjoy the freedom - Adam O.
  • I cycle because I don't want an expensive car, which is a bottomless pit for money. - Gregory S.
  • I cycle because my other half nags at me to do it, but I guess it gets me fit!! - Elaine B.
  • I cycle because - Scott R.
  • I cycle because I hate having to get up early for a parking spot! - Rick L.