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#WinterWheelers Advent Calendar

We know riding in Winter can be tricky - there's less daylight and it's colder - but it can also be one of the most rewarding times to get out and get cycling!

To encourage you to enjoy the unique joys of riding in winter, we're giving away a prize a day from the 1st of December up to and including Christmas Day. All you need to do is log a ride and you could win amazing gear from Proviz, incredible lights from Exposure or 1 of 2 beautiful Raleigh bikes!

Remember to log your rides on the site or via an app to go in our daily and main prize draw.



National Cycle Challenge stats

  • 2,295 Organisations
  • 17,991 Participants
  • 2,207 New riders
  • 2,283,411 Miles
  • 215,416 Trips

Challenge Results - Edinburgh

  • 142 Organisations
  • 1,335 Participants
  • 106 New riders
  • 176,755 Miles
  • 18,834 Trips

Edinburgh all time stats

  • 182 Organisations
  • 2,989 People
  • 564 New riders
  • 1,179,294 Miles
  • 117,694 Rides